We are only satisfied with highest production standards

From the strict selection of raw materials and suppliers, through to monitoring, tracking and optimization of the entire manufacturing process, Wilogi nappies meet highest production standards. Additionally, independent laboratories guarantee the consistent quality of Wilogi Premium diapers by regular sample analysis over the entire production process. These high quality demands and our long-term experience in the diaper development enable us to produce Premium quality diapers, which can compete with well-known brands such as Pampers or Huggies.

Dermatological Compatibility

During the course of an extensive 8-month comparison test the Wilogi eventually convinced as a reliable premium diaper. Wilogi showed the class leader Pampers Babydry par in direct comparison. Because of using high quality soft materials and the simultaneous abandonment of latex and fragrances, the test yielded an especially good dermatological compatibility. Skin irritation such as redness or even inflammation has not occurred in any of the 52 tested babies.


Leakage protection of Pampers Babydry is attached by a weld seam to the diaper - Wilogi, however insist on a firm adhesive bond. Thus, any gap in the seam and leaks are effectively prevented as well. In direct comparison, the Wilogi scored reliably with its closure system, preventing misadventures such as leakage.


Because of its excellent performance in the panel test at a lower price compared to Pampers Babydry the Wilogi reaches an excellent value for money.